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Climate can explain a fifth of the conflicts in the world.
A group of researchers from the Earth Institute at Columbia University has claimed an association between weather cycles and the increase of war or an increase in the intensity of war.  Monica Martin .  Monica Martin []

Man-made global warming might be offset by cooling effect of disappearing sunspots.
The sun's 11-year sunspot cycle could be heading for a dormant period similar to one which caused the so-called Little Ice Age of the 17th century, when markets were held on a frozen River Thames in London. Tim Edwards [The firstpost]




Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is renewable heat produced by the planet's core.

The heat that is generated is carried almost to the surface of the earth by thermal conduction and the intrustion of magma layers originating a great depth below the surface of the earth in certain volcanic areas. Easily observable examples of geothermal manifestations can be seen in the form of geysers and hot springs, cases in which water from the groundwater table is heated to form hydro-thermal resources naturally, generating hot water and steam. Hydro-thermal resources can be leveraged through technology in drilling, and then converted into electricity or simply used as a heat transfer in the form of hot water for the population.